Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
To provide total quality and cost-effective business and clinical solutions that enable healthcare practitioners to increase their market share, profitability, and operational and clinical efficiency so that they are able to dedicate their own key resources and time to their most important goal of improving patient care.

PDM’s mission to deliver optimal clinical and business services perfectly complements members’ own objectives to deliver quality care. Our parallel missions form the cornerstone of our members’ commitment to PDM and our foundation for building services that meet members’ comprehensive economic and clinical needs with a competitive market advantage.

Providing members with resources that enable them to fulfill their own missions is our unswerving direction for innovation in program development. By taking advantage of the unique opportunities available from PDM, members achieve a quantifiable return on investment and can measure their success not just economically, but also in the positive impact they make in patients’ quality of life and healthcare community.

Our Vision
Delivering quality, seamlessly integrated, innovative services has been a daily responsibility for PDM Healthcare since our inception in 1991. We take pride in being on the forefront of the healthcare industry horizon. Our success in achieving these goals creates loyalty and confidence from our members, clients, and suppliers, a durable foundation for continued market leadership.

But more importantly, our success enables us to continue to better serve our clients and community. We invite you to learn more about our accomplishments and how you can benefit from working with us.

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