PDM works closely with pharmaceutical, medical-surgical supply manufacturers and other ancillary suppliers to provide new technologies, products and services for our membership. Our goal is to strengthen and maximize supplier offerings to our members by negotiating and developing a standardized contract portfolio with our suppliers. Our objective is to present a portfolio that is very competitive and supports the products that members desire for quality patient care.

We work through sales and marketing solutions that effectively drive sales and in return an increase in market share. Our national membership base gives our suppliers a captive audience in which to present their products and services. Significant resources are invested in getting new products to market and with a short window to capture revenue and profit before the product life cycle is eroded by the competition, PDM’s captive audience makes that window wide open.

While pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers create the products to treat patients, improve clinical outcomes and enhance quality of life, PDM’s Strategic Sales Solutions help them navigate healthcare’s dynamic and competitive environment. Creative marketing, strategic ingenuity and effective operational management drive purchasing decisions and allows our Strategic Sales Solutions to bring results. Healthcare is a busy, dynamic and competitive industry. You need PDM, an integrated, experienced supply chain management firm to create buzz, drive sales, build market share, increase revenue and extend your products’ life cycle.

Our passion to improve healthcare is realized in great part through our relationships with companies that offer high quality products and services to healthcare providers.

Our current manufacturers and suppliers include:  

  • Branded and Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Branded and Generic Medical Device and Supply Manufacturers
  • National and Regional Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Medical Surgical Manufacturers
  • Ancillary Products and Service Suppliers
  • Office Products and Equipment
  • Technology Products and Equipment
  • Much More

Prospective Suppliers

Potential suppliers are requested to complete the application process. The application process is very simple and takes a few minutes to complete. Please feel free to click the link below to contact PDM contract department. You will be contacted by our representative to guide you in next steps of the application process.

Click Here to Contact PDM and Get More Information About Becoming a Supplier
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