Community, Education and Research Initiatives

Social and community responsibility is an obligation of any business. By virtue of our unique position as a business development liaison between manufacturers and practitioners, PDM is in a unique position to impact the community and create programs for both practitioners and the public that improve the world around us.

We conceptualize and implement research and communications programs, often in partnership with third parties. We work with a diverse range of individuals, corporations and associations to create beneficial programs. Through policy research and communications, we provide reliable information about the healthcare industry in The United States, where issues are increasingly complex and challenging.

Dedication to Community and Education Initiatives
Through a comprehensive array of outreach programs, education initiatives, community partnerships, volunteerism, and charitable contributions, we continue to strengthen our longstanding tradition of serving others and improving health outcomes in our community.

PDM provides community organizations nationwide with experts who can address a wide variety of health and healthcare issues. We welcome requests from professional associations, civic groups, schools, universities and businesses. We can design learning programs in a variety of media, including live, online and written, in conjunction with our affiliated physicians, nurses, pharmacists and researchers who will share their knowledge of important healthcare issues with the community.

PDM’s education initiatives include:

  • Continuing education for healthcare professionals: physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other
  • Public education
  • Disease management initiatives
  • Scientific research support
  • Patient outcome and quality of life studies
  • Grants, awards and scholarships
  • Provision of medical equipment to those in need
  • Publications and public policy research

Geriatrics and Alzheimer's Research
PDM’s widest reaching philanthropic initiative is our Geriatrics and Alzheimer’s disease research program established at The Ohio State University. Through this program, PDM hopes to discover new treatments and methods to patients suffering from these diseases and also ease the burden on their caregivers.

The research generated via this program is directed by Dr. Milap Nahata, Professor & Chairman of the Pharmacy Practice and Administration at the OSU College of Pharmacy and Professor of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics at the OSU School of Medicine.

PDM made an official public commemoration of the research program during a gala banquet benefit for OSU held the evening of June 8, 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade. The banquet was held in conjunction with E2: PDM Healthcare Expo 2002, PDM’s second annual medical conference & exposition, and was the grand finale to the expo weekend. The formal event also raised funds through a silent auction of items that included mink coats, diamond jewelry and tickets to area attractions.

These diseases, Alzheimer’s especially, devastate millions of Americans and their families each year. With this contribution to Geriatrics and Alzheimer’s research, PDM hopes to discover new treatments and methods to ease and treat these patients’ suffering.

In response to a community need for accessible, high-quality services to improve self-management knowledge and behaviors of people with diabetes, PDM Healthcare has created a network of educational services for:

  • Physician Offices and Clinics
  • Civic Organizations
  • Community Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing Facilities
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Employers

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