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About PDM Healthcare

Supply Chain Management PuzzleAs a leading national supply chain management company, PDM Healthcare offers our services to thousands of healthcare clients nationwide. After more than 20 years of service, PDM is well known for many innovations that have led to the solving of the supply chain management puzzle.

Founded by Mr. Ash Chawla, MS, RPh, PDM began operations in 1991 and ushered in a new era for the healthcare industry. At a time when other GPOs merely offered their services to limited markets, PDM delivered the complete array of necessary solutions to the full spectrum of the healthcare market, with a special focus on emerging business trends and innovations. PDM's program structure created a new industry model for delivery of comprehensive business solutions to healthcare facilities.

By 2001, PDM had opened a satellite office in Chicago, began holding national medical conventions and was the only healthcare firm of its kind to be invited to present its programs to the European community.

Today, PDM continues to deliver value, savings and increased profitability to the healthcare community, but on a much larger scale. PDM's contract portfolio has increased multi-fold and now includes pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical supplies, office supplies, nutritional supplements, laboratory supplies, durable and home medical equipment, ancillary products and services and much more. PDM's solutions allow members the choice and flexibility to implement new and innovative patient care options while reducing their own procurement costs.

As always, PDM's mission and vision is to provide total quality and cost-effective business and clinical solutions that enable healthcare practitioners to increase their market share, profitability, and operational and clinical efficiency so that they are able to dedicate their own key resources and time to their most important goal of improving patient care.

In the wake of today's changing healthcare environment, choose the business partner who is positioned to work for your continued success, today and in the future.

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